• LionMaker


    • Randi Martin

      everything is PAWSOME!!!!!!

  • nielsmoleman

    I cant play the game on my phone??

    • The games on the website is meant for deskop only… sorry

      • nielsmoleman

        Ok thanks i Will try iT on pc later ?

  • BlueLion208

    this is such a cool website love it so much who has ps3 and wants to play minecraft

  • turboz2001

    thank you philip

  • jesusibarra1

    this game is awesome

  • I got 15755 on my first try! Not sure if that’s good though xD

    • LionMaker

      I got 65120!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Well done! ๐Ÿ˜€

        • CreativeStriker

          I’m getting better 39060!

          • BroBroncos

            Hey creative striker do you want to do hungergames sometime and if you do send me a friend request my gamertag is SUNDIAL02

  • Emzy255

    I got 20335!

    • BroBroncos

      Cool emzy and are you the real emzy

  • Emzy255

    31420! getting better!

    • LionMaker

      ooooh i better keep practicing! Before i know it ull beat me! That is not allowed!!! ๐Ÿ˜›

      • aja1025

        LionMaker whats your best score?

      • CompleteMiner

        Will you play on xbox one with me

  • Will there be other games coming?

    • We are working on it ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Lionmaker and I are looking into getting some mini lionmaker games…

  • aja1025


  • winner456

    I got 28,863!

  • Matthew

    I love the game

  • Vercenso

    22548 First Time Playing!

  • Ann

    its so fun

  • Austin Panos

    So fun

    • Randi Martin


  • Sky V

    Best Game EVER !!!

  • MinecraftPro169

    20045 first try yay ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Precious Manansala

    i love this game so much

  • Blake Dasher

    if ypu have xbox 360 my gamertag is DashABoli I am on every day playing mincraft and other games so friend e if you can

  • dbsr1975


  • Paul


  • isis

    lion look at this

    • Lionmakerstudios

      Lion you are awesome.

      • CompleteMiner

        Lion will you plz plz plz plz play on minecraft with me
        I’m on xbox one CompleteMiner

        • cadence

          you not aloud to ask him srry

          • Lucy Turner

            He can ask all he wants

      • Hannah

        Lion you are the best

  • Zack

    I have XBox 360 maybe o Join your world

    • cadence

      your not aloud to ask him srry

    • Randi Martin

      You can’t ask him

  • Danny

    Lion maker you are hilarious. Keep making videos ok?

    • Randi Martin

      Yes. I agree because he is funny and energetic. I love that sprit!!!!

      • kevin the bull

        He be da bomb, LOL

      • U should watch him get jump scared

  • Derrick

    Do you guys wach LionMaker

    • tiffany mockridge

      Ya almost all videos on youtube

    • Yep

      • erick

        lionmaker i am a fan

    • Trin

      Yaaa love lion maker

  • FunGuy6331

    hi lion

  • FunGuy6331

    thats my skin in minecraft

  • FunGuy6331

    lion is the coolest person ever

  • cadence

    i love lion!!!!!!! your the best pleas say somithing back also whats your p.o box??? i want to send you fan mail

  • cadence

    i also have an xbox 360

  • tomas

    How can i donload the the hide and seek also i like to watch your videos they are fun

  • Lucy Turner

    Lion u r the best I watch lionmaker and I made my neighbors start watching u we all love u u r awesome

  • AmericanHobo

    Made a hide for you, come check it out.
    GT: Rpalmatier10

  • Hannah

    I your work lion it is so funny when is your next video?

  • Hannah

    Me and my brother watch your all the time I love it


    Hey Lionmaker I have a hungergames for you um just email me if you want to do it but you have to be my friend to play so if you do my email is


    Hey Lionmaker I have a hungergames for you and I just want to see if you want to do it sometime just email me sometime. My email is and I play xbox 360 so if you want to play my hungergames send me a message on xbox and my gamertag is SUNDIAL02. Have fun

  • Moka heart

    Lion maker please can you invite me to play hide and seek with u

  • Axel

    Lionmaker u are awesome I watched all your hide and seek videos. It’s funny when u say I put my butty On Your Face Hahaha haha. I just wanted to tell u that if u can help me how to download the hide n seek map of jurassic world plz to play with my friends in minecraft.

  • Hephaestus246

    can u plz play on my hide n seek to test it and see if its good, since youve played so many. im a big fan and love your videos

  • Caleb Ellis

    I have to say you are the best of the best and very funny. You are the King of the jungle.

  • Caleb Ellis

    hello lionmaker!!:)

  • BroBroncos

    Hey lion maker I am going to say that you are you cool guy

  • Jase Plays


  • Jase Plays

    lion plz cheak out my channle

  • Jase Plays

    it is called jase plays amd it has a minecraft person on it

  • Amy Melhorn

    I love you and Doge LELELELELELELElL

  • tiffany mockridge

    Hi lionmaker I love you so much plz get back with me if I can play with u plzz I need some help to I have mincraft pocket edition

  • helen

    Hey lion you are growltastic

  • LION I HAVE REACHED WITH MY STEP DAD 174,299 subscribers on Xeraingaming!

  • GG GG

  • Thank you Lionmaker Giving a shout out to Mc Greatest and Emma the have helped me on everthing

  • felipe gabriel


  • SkiBi

    I wish I had Xbox… :(
    Lion Your the best!

  • HeroBrine843


  • kevin


  • Emz glass

    Lion do you have a pocket edition Minecraft server I have viewed all your videos and am one of your biggest cubscribers. I would love to join your server if you do! Plz plz plz plz plz

  • Sun0fGod

    How do I send LionMaker a map? Anyone know, if so please respond.

  • Shane


  • Travis Jacob Tyler


  • Reichlin Bates

    I am your biggest fan and want to play with you and my mom sent you an email